1. Portrait with Structure (30-45 minutes)
This communication exercise serves to demonstrate the uniqueness and personal processing tendencies of people within an organization. We examine effective ways and means to facilitate these tendencies.
2. Values in a Nutshell (45 minutes)
This session provides participants with an opportunity to build a shared set of values and then decide where to go next as a team or organization.
3. Newsprint Challenge (1 hour + 30 minutes)
Participants engage in a systemic overview of the complex relationships within their business. The goal is to create a common platform of understanding between all participants.
4. Creativity Test/Every Day Creativity (60 minutes)
This activity is a fun filled assessment of a participant's creative thinking. We explore a vision of creativity that encourages each of us to consider how we can be more creative in our everyday work and life challenges.
5. Cover Story/Visioning (60-70 minutes)

This activity challenges participants to work together to think expansively about an ideal future for their organization. They imagine an ideal future state and how it would be reported as a feature story in a mainstream media publication.