1. The Journey (4 hours + debrief)
This series of mental and limited physical challenges will give a snapshot into an organization's team culture and chemistry. The purpose is to develop and appreciate the "diversity of strengths" within an organization. A debrief provides insights and ideas for infusion into the organization.
2. The Arctic Orange Challenge (45 minutes)
Much of the work we do requires cooperation, competition and deadlines. This exercise exemplifies a tried and true "process" to achieve team goals.
3. Marble Relay (30-45 minutes)
The purpose of the marble relay is to explore the dynamics of changing paradigms. This activity is designed to sharpen team skills.
4. Nibble Theory (45-60 minutes)

This session will explore the dynamics of building people up. Participants will focus on building success, affirming relationships and seeing others for their strengths and uniqueness.
5. Blindfolded Square (30-45 minutes)
Participants will explore the dynamics of building a vision and achieving commitment to complete the process.
6. Lego Challenge (1-2 hours)
Participants will conduct both an internal and external scan of their organization. Organizational culture and structure, human resources, change, financial considerations, and critical issues will be reviewed.
7. Group Juggle (60 minutes)
Group Juggle is a highly interactive activity which explores the dynamics found within an organization. The learning is supported by a meaningful debrief.
8. Mission Impossible/Scavenger Hunt (60-75 minutes)
The challenge for participants in this exercise is to work collectively to interpret clues and solve problems in order to achieve a specified team goal.
9. The Red/Green Game (1-2 hours)
To win the Red/Green game is not to have high-minded ideals. The Red/Green game is an experience including a vital component that drives our lives: relationships of trust.
10. Puzzled? (45 minutes)

Assembled teams address problems that require effective communication, listening, thinking and negotiating. Is there a piece missing?

11. Guess and Switch (20 minutes)
In this team activity, participants are challenged to change teams and allegiances. Questioning of other teams will be specific, relevant and meaningful.
12. Airplane Challenge (60-90 minutes)
In this session groups will function as independent teams with the same goal, but will have different resources to work with. Biases and perspectives will be challenged.