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Leadership crisis

According to a recent article published by Forbes in September of 2018, we are in a leadership crisis. In a survey of 33,000 individuals in 28 countries, nearly one-third of individuals surveyed do not trust management. Add to this the complexities of working with millennials and meeting the needs of employees and the leadership challenge is heightened. On average, millennials will change jobs four times before they are 32. It becomes essential, in view of today’s landscape in the workplace, to invest in both leadership development and the establishment of clear and effective strategies to build loyalty and trust in employees.

Given the challenges in building loyalty and trust, where can a leader turn? There is no doubt that a clear relationship between loyalty and trust exists. Without trust, it is difficult to have loyalty. In turn, employees who are not loyal are more likely to look for a job change. So what needs to happen? The ‘fab-five’ of leadership can bring about a necessary future:

- leading in place of managing

- recognizing employee diversity as a strength

- building positivity & fun into the workplace

- communicating effectively

- involving employees in decision-making

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