1. Leadership/Connecting Traits/Flexing: (60 minutes)
The understanding of personal strengths and tendencies using a growth model (flexing), enables leaders to work effectively with others.
2. Transition of Change (60 minutes)
We identify the key stages of "change"transition in an organization. As leaders, we examine roles and responsibilities to effectively lead change.
3. Performance Iceberg (30 minutes)
The Iceberg is a metaphor for growth and development of a person, team or organization. We will outline the skills required by participants to be effective in the workplace.
4. Tuckman's Model (45 minutes)
We explore the four steps in formulating a successful team approach - forming, storming, norming, performing. A meaningful debrief follows this exercise.
5. The Leadership Journey (60 minutes)
This session stresses four core strengths in effective leadership to assist participants in gauging their personal progress as a leader.
6. Credibility/Competency (60 minutes)
Ten critical competencies are required to establish and advance credibility in leadership roles. The session is designed to illuminate those competencies in which they feel confident and identify areas
that require further growth.
7. Decision Making Model (45 minutes)
This session outlines a three step model that leaders may use to prioritize decisions resulting in significant buy-in of both the process and ownership of these decisions.
8. Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Workplace (60 - 90 minutes)
This session examines the competencies required for successful, fair-minded critical thinking and how these competencies are integral to the interactive nature of the creative process.
9. The Trust Engine (60 minutes)
Using the 4 cores of trust (Covey Model) participants will utilize practical applications from each core in their leadership roles.
10. Working with Other Generations (60 minutes)
The do's and don'ts of working with people of different generations using 4 key parameters: Loyalty, Lifestyle, Job Security, Working Style.
11. Leadership vs Management (60 - 90 minutes)
This session explores the similarities and differences between leaders and managers. We lead participants to refine and clarify where they need to focus their efforts in order to grow their skills as it relates to their role in the organization.
12. The Performance Matrix (45 minutes)
This activity provides an opportunity for participants to classify their work into a performance grid in order to become more efficient and helpful to others.
13. The 13 Behaviors of Leaders (30 minutes)
We examine the 13 behaviors of highly successful leaders and why these characteristics make leaders successful.
14. The Coaching Challenge (60 minutes)
We look at coaching and mentoring of employees. What are the deposits and withdrawals in the socio-emotional bank account?
15. Problem Solving Steps (20 minutes)
Participants will have the opportunity to work through clearly defined steps using a process that can be applied to a wide variety of problems.