1. Architect/Builder (60 minutes)
Architect/Builder establishes key principles present within highly effective teams - working to strengths, effective communication and understanding roles and responsibilities.
2. NASA Challenge: (60-90 minutes)
This dynamic communication challenge tests the capabilities of a multi-level organization, both written & oral. It is founded upon the learning from its parent organization - National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
3. Dealing With Difficult People (60 minutes)
We review the do's and don'ts of seven different typologies. Questions are used to engage with each typology effectively.
4. Active Listening (45-60 min.)
The intent is to view active listening as a tool for active engagement and empowerment.
5. Conflict Resolution (2 hours + 15 min.)
We identify key areas of conflict or potential conflict and initiate a "plan" for dealing with these issues. We review the problem solving steps in an honoring manner.
6. Administrative Assistant Tips for Success (15-20 minutes)
We have polled Administrators and Assistants. Here are their keys to success in an organization.
7. Putting Out Fires (45 minutes):
Our focus in this session will be on implanting strategies to effectively deal with the flare ups and fires in the work we do. Good thinking, good questions and thoughtful responses willbe introduced and shared with participants.
8. Quadrant Matrix Model (45 minutes):
This model is used to guide participants in 
understanding how the myriad of diverse demands that occur in their roles may be prioritized effectively. Participants will use a decision making matrix to determine the relative urgency and importance of the demands they face.
9. Knot or No Knot (15 minutes)
A highly engaging activity that challenges multiple group dynamics.
10. Spin the Table (30 minutes)
This is a collaborative thinking activity where participants identify and generate ideas, insights, and questions related to a specific task.
11. The Last Word (30 minutes)
This is a highly engaging activity where each participant responds to ideas and thinking
related to an issue or challenge.
12. Mapping the Conflict (1-2 hours)
This session guides our responses to conflicts that arise in an organization by using a map process to analyze conflict parameters.
13. The Quest Model (60-90 minutes)
This model challenges participants to ask meaningful and thoughtful questions; positively resolving conflicts and challenges.
14. The Power of Questions (45 minutes)
Asking great questions generates a prototype for non-biased judgement of the work we do in an organization.
15. Support the Opposite (60 minutes)
This activity challenges participants to consider a perspective different from their own thereby developing an appreciation for opposing ideas.
16. Team Scrabble (45 minutes)
In this activity participants must work quickly and creatively using effective communication skills to accomplish an engaging word challenge.